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Discovering a Passion for Service

OD Harris’ father was a U.S. Army Vietnam Veteran, an American Factory worker, and an entrepreneur. His mother was a stay-at-home mom. OD’s parents were married for 20 plus years until his father passed away when OD was 14 years old.


OD discovered his passion for community and service at an early age. During his first elected position in middle school student government, he realized helping people brought him great joy. He continued his service into high school, where he served as student body Vice President and President. He founded a faith-based group with a mission to reinstate prayer in school, successfully building that group to nearly one-third of the student population. He also focused on giving back to the community, each year going door-to-door with a three-wheel stroller to collect eventually over 2,000 perishable food items for local food banks.

​After completing Army Junior Recruiting Office Training Course (JROTC), OD enlisted in the U.S. Army while graduating from college with an Accounting Degree. He opened his first tax and accounting business with an emphasis on the community to minimize cost and maximize refunds for his clients. He successfully scaled his business to 35 locations in seven states before selling it to his major competitor.

Faith and a Call-for-Action

While staying faithful to God and being active in his church, OD was ordained as a Minister and later became a Campus Pastor. He still felt the call to do more. He experienced a renewed focus on the community while watching the news of a 17-year-old teenager who was gunned down in Sanford, Florida. Upon seeing this and other injustices, he refused to sit back and do nothing. He organized and rallied hundreds of people, including former mayors, government lawmakers, national media, and citizens, to gather at the State of Michigan’s Capitol to speak in favor of bringing equity to the community. After the successful rally, OD orchestrated a Town Hall meeting, where local government officials and citizens discussed the changes that needed to be made. As a result of this unprecedented meeting, police protection was increased in the expressed areas, and violence decreased in the needed areas.







Serving the Community

Backpack Drive

In 2006, OD created his first Backpack Drive to help youth who struggle

with getting school supplies. Over the course of 11 years, he generously

donated school supplies to over 9,000 students.


Rising Stars

In 2008, he was reacquainted with an old friend who was a coach for

Rising Stars, a national traveling football team. OD became so enamored

with the youth and their dedication to winning, he sponsored the team

uniforms with his own capital. The Rising Stars football team went on to

win many championships thereafter. Several students went on to play college football with full-ride scholarships. Bryce Brand and Brian Brand, both beneficiaries of the sponsorship, received full scholarships to play at the University of Maryland. OD later sponsored many other local sports teams, impacting thousands of children.

Ready Set Go Foundation

In 2014, OD founded Ready Set Go (RSG) Foundation, 501c3. This Foundation gives back to the community by offering programs and strategies to entrepreneurs to promote their successful growth and development. RSG has graduated 150 new entrepreneurs who successfully completed the 5-week certified Entrepreneurship Training Course and Developmental Workshop. Through his RSG Program, he has created over 1,800 jobs through entrepreneurship and has provided the training ground for thousands of small businesses.

Citizen's Coronavirus Task Force

In 2020, OD established the Citizen’s Coronavirus Task Force

in Chandler, comprised of local residents. In a short time, the

task force collected over 136 pounds of food, donated over

100 N95 masks to a local hospital, organized free transportation

to drop off prescriptions and groceries for our vulnerable

communities, fed over 113 people, and established a dedicated

hotline for expedient services.

As an award-winning entrepreneur, OD Harris

has served as the following:

·       Member of the Black Philanthropic Initiative with the Arizona Community


·       Mentor/advised with President Barack Obama Foundation Phoenix, Arizona

·       Served in various leadership roles for the local NAACP

·       Leader and Board Member in the National 100 Black Men of America

·       Member of National Urban League

·       Member of the National Action Network

·       Various leadership roles with the National Black MBA Association (NBMBAA) of Phoenix, Arizona; Los Angeles, California; Chicago, Illinois             and on the national level

·       Advisor for Co-Hoots, an entrepreneur incubator




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