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Passion for Service

Vice Mayor OD Harris was elected to his first term on Chandler City Council in January 2021. He is a proud U.S. Army Veteran, successful entrepreneur, and founder of the National Ready Set Go Foundation (RSG).


Vice Mayor Harris began his humble entrepreneurial journey by opening a Tax Prep and Accounting firm, growing it, and then successfully franchising the business, which he later sold to a national competitor. 


Vice Mayor Harris’s passion and commitment to mental health, education, diversity and inclusion, public safety, and economic development has significantly contributed to Chandler’s prosperity. Since being elected, Chandler has been awarded the number one place to live, work, and play, as well as the number one place to do business, by multiple media sources. 


Also, since Vice Mayor Harris was elected, Per Chandler’s recent 2023 budget survey, Chandler residents stated that they rank their quality of life at 99 percent, care by first responders at 98 percent, city services at 96 percent, and feel safe in Chandler at 92 percent. Through good, sound fiscal budgeting that Vice Mayor Harris advocated for, taxpayers have received tax cuts, and 94 percent believe they get a good return on their tax dollars.  


As a Champion of Education, Vice Mayor Harris has played a pivotal role in the expansion of educational opportunities in Chandler. His advocacy for the Chandler expansion of the University of Arizona, Arizona State University Innovation program, and Grand Canyon University has paved the way for Chandler students to have a direct pipeline from High School to Post Secondary Schooling. His leadership has also attracted billions of dollars in business investments, creating over 8,000 jobs and establishing Chandler as an Innovation job hub in the United States. 


 Vice Mayor Harris has left a lasting impact on the City of Chandler. He founded the first Mental Health Walk, a testament to his commitment to the well-being of the community. He also founded Culture Music in the Park, established the prestigious Chandler Martin Luther King Awards, and pushed for the creation of Chandler’s first-ever Veteran Commission, all of which have contributed to the city’s vibrant and inclusive culture.  


Vice Mayor Harris, a man of faith, leads with a humble and dedicated spirit. His service extends beyond the City of Chandler, as he serves on local, regional, and national committees and boards, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to his community.  

As an award-winning entrepreneur, OD Harris

has served as the following:


As Vice Mayor, he serves on local and regional committees, including:

  • Board of Directors, Institute for Building Technology and Safety (IBTS)

  • Board of Directors, Valley Metro Rail

  • Board Vice Chair, Valley Metro Regional Public Transportation Authority (RPTA)

  • Governing Board Treasurer of La Frontera Arizona and EMPACT-SPC

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arizona

  • Chandler City Council Subcommittees for Economic Vitality, Innovation and Technology, Transportation and Neighborhoods

  • Co-chair of the Black Philanthropy Initiative through the Arizona Community Foundation


Vice Mayor Harris currently serves on the following Subcommittees:

  • Community Safety

  • Connectivity

  • Quality of Life

  • Transportation







Serving the Community



Backpack Drive

In 2006, OD created his first Backpack Drive to help youth who struggle

with getting school supplies. Over 11 years, he generously

donated school supplies to over 9,000 students.


Rising Stars

In 2008, he was reacquainted with an old friend who was a coach for

Rising Stars, a national traveling football team. OD became so enamored

with the youth and their dedication to winning, he sponsored the team

uniforms with his own capital. The Rising Stars football team went on to

win many championships thereafter. Several students went on to play college football with full-ride scholarships. Bryce Brand and Brian Brand, both beneficiaries of the sponsorship, received full scholarships to play at the University of Maryland. OD later sponsored many other local sports teams, impacting thousands of children.

Ready Set Go Foundation

2014 OD founded Ready Set Go (RSG) Foundation, 501c3. This Foundation gives back to the community by offering programs and strategies to entrepreneurs to promote their successful growth and development. RSG has graduated 150 new entrepreneurs who successfully completed the 5-week certified Entrepreneurship Training Course and Developmental Workshop. Through his RSG Program, he has created over 1,800 jobs through entrepreneurship and has provided the training ground for thousands of small businesses.










Citizen's Coronavirus Task Force

In 2020, OD established the Citizen’s Coronavirus Task Force

in Chandler, comprised of residents. In a short time, the

the task force collected over 136 pounds of food, donated over

100 N95 masks to a local hospital, organized free transportation

to drop off prescriptions and groceries for our vulnerable

communities, fed over 113 people, and established a dedicated

hotline for expedient services.


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