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The COVID19 virus has affected our economy and community in unprecedented ways, mitigating the damage done will be an overriding theme which will affect every decision I make going forward. It will, undoubtedly, be at the forefront of my following priorities. 


Community Development

Providing access to affordable housing for working-class families and building strong neighborhoods.

  • Ensuring Chandler residents have access to state and local resources for rent payments and mortgage payments due to Covid-19

  • Helping residences with easing utility payments for trash and water 

  • Easing of payments of property taxes and being flexible for needed payment plans for those affected by Covid-19


Economic Development

Securing more workforce development training, defending the interest of startups, and supporting locally owned businesses in our city.

  • Ensuring Chandler residents have access to state and local resources for rent payments and mortgage payments due to Covid-19

  • Helping residences with easing utility payments for trash and water 

  • Helping businesses, particularly small businesses, recover from the effects of the economic shutdown caused by the quarantine. This would include things like offering tax breaks and city assistance were feasible within the city budget. 

  • The temporary easing of ordinances which could spur increased business and foot traffic to businesses in the city. 

  • Using city resources to promote and encourage the patronage of our local businesses. 

  • The creation of task force and regular town hall meetings to listen first hand to the problems and concerns of our citizens and giving them a greater voice in our government. This will be done while working closer with the Chandler Chamber of Commerce to engage those businesses and business leaders to ensure the city is best meeting their needs.

  • Bringing in educational institutions like our community colleges and universities on a greater level to enhance workforce development programs. 



Promoting after-school programs, expanding learning initiatives, and continuing great working relationships with our local school districts and higher education partners.

  • Ensuring that all families have access to the tools they need in order to complete their studies in a viable timeframe, i.e. access to the internet and computers outside of the classroom.

  • Utilizing City resources and working closely to create more Public-Private Partnerships with the specific goal of developing strong workforce development programs enhancing and bolstering our workforce pipeline.

  • Supported an Inter-Governmental Agreement for University of Arizona's relocation to a larger space in Downtown Chandler to accommodate projected future growth. 

  • Advocate for the City's partnership with Arizona State University on the ASU Chandler Innovation Center, offering professional training and maker space for entrepreneurs throughout the SE Valley.

  • 1 for 1 Student Access to computers and internet

  • Support our School Districts Bonds and Overrides


Public Safety

As a MilitaryVeteran, I am committed to public safety by keeping the Chandler Fire and Police force strong through continuous training and accessible resources.

  • Voted to increase the number of public safety positions by advocating for a more competitive hiring process.  

  • Ensure mental health professionals are dispatched for emergencies when appropriate. 

  • Giving our first responders access to the best Personal Protection Equipment(PPE) and training. 

  • Protect our local businesses from tier-two crimes, particularly during their off-hours, and increase patrolling in vulnerable areas, increase with the attorney general office for items like retail theft.

  • Providing community outreach with the business community using the Chamber as a resource of information

  • Assuring business community coordination with both Fire and Police to respond in the quickest and safest manner to our businesses and citizens. 

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